Conservatives Abroad - Sweden

Ryan Evans

Ryan and Kyle

Ryan is a born and bred Cornishman. He firmly believes in jam first, then cream for his Cream Tea! He grew up in a village called Constantine, in the South West region, near the Lizard Peninsula.

Ryan quickly became a favourite with village residents, as his siblings did as they also grew up there. He was unofficially known as the ‘Village Mascot’ always helping out at village events, in the local church, and could always be seen trying to raise money for charity – something that he got a few Blue Peter badges for!

Ryan moved to Worcestershire when he was 15 with his mum, to a small village called Pebworth, moving into the bigger town Evesham 9 months later. Here he was home schooled, and grew into a young man known for teaching himself a lot of law and technology, quickly becoming the go-to of the street for technology problems!

I remember once racing some snails in an effort to get money for charity – I don’t think it went quite to plan though. My neighbour doesn’t let me forget this part of my young entrepreneurial career!

Ryan and Kyle got engaged in August 2019 when Ryan was on holiday in Sweden meeting Kyle’s family, and this sparked the move to be with each other full time.

He partially moved to Sweden in December 2019, with the rest of his belongings and most importantly his cat, being picked up when they both go for a short stay in the UK at the end of January 2020.

Being a patriotic British person, Ryan followed politics very closely and wanted to be able to continue to do so while in Sweden, and so he stumbled upon Conservatives Abroad, and thus Conservatives Abroad: Sweden was born.

I was always bought up Conservative. I’ve been branded selfish and giving myself a ‘false sense of upper class’ because I’m a Tory voter. I’m nowhere near upper class, and I think people need to think before they throw things like that around.