COVID-19 | CoronaVirus

Urgent Message to the Visitors of Conservatives Abroad: Sweden
Latest Update: 2020-04-05, 23:20 CEST

Dear Visitor

Thank you for visiting the home of the Conservative Party in Sweden.

As you will be aware since the 3rd week in March, the UK has been in lockdown due to the COVID-19 virus.

Today, 2020-04-05 it has been announced that all flights to and from UK/Sweden will be suspended indefinitely from the afternoon of 9 April.

If you are a British Citizen who normally lives in the UK, the advice is to book travel home now. While the Government can try and assist you if you do become stranded, as the virus takes hold of more of the world, it will become increasingly difficult to run repatriation flights.

As your overseas branch of the Conservative Party, we are here to help you in situations like this. So should you require our help in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic, please email us on our dedicated email for this response: Please note that this email is only for anything relating to the CoronaVirus, we cannot help you with anything else through this email account.

Currently in Sweden, the response does not seem likely to be anywhere near as drastic as the UK at the moment, however we will keep you updated once we hear news.

In the meantime, please Stay Home, Save Lives.


Country Representative and Branch Chairman