Conservatives Abroad - Sweden

Join Conservatives Abroad: Sweden

Interested in joining the branch as a member? That’s great!

Being an overseas branch, we have other overhead costs that branches in the UK don’t.

To become a member, it costs approximately 300,00 SEK per year. This is paid directly to the Conservative Party HQ.

As a branch, as we receive no funding from this, so we ask for a donation between 50-150 SEK per meeting to cover costs of hiring any venue, tea, coffee and biscuits. This also goes towards the upkeep of the website.

We also host a yearly branch meal, at a time that is to be set by the branch board (we believe this will be around a celebration), which we ask for another donation to cover meals and drinks and venue.

At the end of the year, any donations left over is then donated back to the Conservative Party HQ to support our campaigns.

Please contact us for more information regarding joining us, where we can answer any queries you may have regarding costs.