Conservatives Abroad - Sweden

Swedish Glossary

Some of the words you find on the site may confuse you by being in Swedish, and while Google Translate can help, it doesn’t always give you the best translation or knowledge.

Here is a glossary of words which are used throughout the site.


Translates to: Personal Identity Number

Use: The personnummer is everything in Sweden, it is used by authorities, health care, schools and universities. Banks also use it by law, however there are ways to get a bank account without one while you wait for it to arrive. It’s used by insurance companies, and other companies can use it to enter into an agreement (for example; your telephone/broadband company so they can check your credit). It covers the whole Swedish population.

Look: YYMMDD-####. The first 6 are your date of birth in reverse. Following on, the first 3 digits after the hyphen are a serial number, with the final digit being used to identify your gender. It’s even for females and odd for males.


Translates to: Swedish Tax Agency

Use: As a Government agency, Skatteverket is responsible for national tax collection and administering the population register (issuing personnummer’s).


Translates to: Swedish Migration Agency

Use: A Governmental agency, Migrationsverket is responsible for considering applications for issuing visas, residence permits and citizenship.


Translates to: Swedish Social Insurance Agency

Use: Administers social insurance in Sweden. Example; disability benefits or sick pay.